Abortion honestly makes me so sad:( I mean,have you seen pictures? And I agree that rape,is bad,and that sometimes people get pregnant against they're will,but can't they just give they're baby up for adoption or something? I mean,all of it just makes me so sad.


It is sad no question of doubt. I find it’s mixed feelings with people. True it’s horrible and I understand what you’re saying but it depends on the person is what it sounds like with the whole debate. Some just can’t take the pressure of a pregnancy, can’t afford it, or are just scared of having a baby.

But it is depressing either way to think about :(

they can’t give babies up for adoption because they don’t want to be pregnant in the first place? and i don’t understand how can you ”agree” that women sometimes get pragnet against their will, like, that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact…

also, rape make me sad way more than abortion, but w/e

omfg, dichotomized/congenitaldisease got suspended again. now she’s trichotomized 

 idk what’s wrong with people, but a lot of them needs a hobby. 


"parents: why don’t you come socialize with the family?
me:*sits with family*
me:*gets insulted by entire family*
me:*goes back to bedroom*"

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In the year 2069

  • Me: slayer
  • Grandson: goddamnit gramps what the fuck does that even mean